Monday, October 13, 2014

Los Angeles, 10/12/14, The End

The tour ended at David Rocklin's Roar Shack Series. There was a packed house and fine readings from Jeff Edwards, Allison Burnett (who has a new book)  and Tanya Ward Goodman. Their credits and the quality of their work made me a little nervous, but my reading went well and people laughed when they should have and didn't cry when they could of.

Best of all, I had family, friends who I knew from Boston, friends I went to college with and writer friends that I knew in the audience. Gay Degani bought me coffee! I felt so grateful, blessed and lucky after the show.

Overall the tour was wonderful. I sold every book but two and the only burp was waiting for Obama's plan to take off from San Francisco, while mine waited on the runway. DON'T THEY KNOW WHO I AM??
Los Angeles Guardian Angel, Mike Siditsky: Besides having a cool place right on Hermosa Beach and looking a lot like me, he showed me where the tacos were. I had a pork and blueberry flavored one; perhaps, not authentic, but damn it was good. How lucky was I to be able to meet up with my three nephews, my sister and her husband on the trip.

from left, brother-in-law Andy, friends John and Kathy, Mike Siditsky and sister, Martha

Me and Nancy Hopkins

Strange but true LA story: At the Roar Shack, they have a competition called Live Write. The audience fills out cards with prompts on them and two writers have seven minutes to write something, winner take all, by show of hands. My prompt, "Kale vs. Snickers Bars" was not chosen.

Strange but true LA story Part 2:  Virgin America plays this on their flights, instead of the live pantomime performance (More Improv!) , the stewardesses and stewards have been doing, I'd say, for the past 40 years.

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