Wednesday, September 10, 2014

An Interview, Scott Fynboe on Saftacast and I talk about TV, Music, and of course, publishing and writing


 Today I was on their show. In order to participate, I had to borrow someone's phone that could download Skype, and suspiciously walk around a Somerville, Ma., neighborhood so I could intercept someone's WIFIAfter a few days of phone calls arranging that, it was on!


 The interview itself speaks of Dentistry, Old Classic TV, Child Stars, The Carpenters, Music, Places I've lived, First Celebrity Crush, Publishing and all sorts of things. For a preview, read the captions that go with the pictures below.  Please give it a listen, HERE it's kind of cool. 


"I prefer doing to the dentist vs. doctor because I have good teeth"
"Keith Moon was staged, just like Townsend"


"The jury is still out on Selena Gomez"
From the movie, Superstar with Barbie and Ken dolls
"My first celebrity crush was Kristy McNicol" find out why.


"Rainy Days and Mondays was kind of like, FML"
"She was out of my league"

"All of the Muppets have severe psychological problems except for Kermit"
"My first book was only an e-book"
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