Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The making of a book cover, The Shutting Door

* * *

For those of you interested in art and process, HERE'S THE PHOTO TIMELINE, starring the artist Teisha Twomey with special guest star, designer Steve Glines. It's on facebook, but it's public so anyone can have a look.

Below is the  the finished product and if you click on the pictures they get slightly larger. I'm thrilled with the blurbs from Robert Olen Butler, Michael Ansara, Afaa Michael Weaver, Charles Coe, January O'Neil and Fred Marchant.

For the poems themselves, 95% of them were written after Nov. 2010, which is an important date in my history. It represents poems of strength, recovery and hope.

Release of "The Shutting Door" late September 2013

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