Thursday, June 23, 2011

Finished! Sort of, not at all.

No new news lately as I've not been submitting and have been putting all my time and energy into finishing draft one of my novel, An Angry Therapist's Thursday Appointments. (Name subject to change but I like it).

In reality it's not close to being finished, although a version called the first draft certainly is. There is revisions and editing to do, which is boring to speak of and no one is really interested in hearing about. That will be followed by the hunt for an agent, which will lead to more boring to talk about revisions and editing. Next is the hunt for a publisher, which will lead to etc., etc., get the picture.

I will talk more about the book at some point and post the synopsis when it's time to do that. After that, people shouldn't be bored or not want to hear about that or else I've not done a very good job.
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