Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's not a hoax! Right Hand Pointing publishes "The Lottery Winner"

I have a new story, "The Lottery Winner" up today at Right Hand Pointing #58. It's a winner. It is unlike  fake winner Nolan Daniels who put up on facebook that he won the Powerball Jackpot. It baffles me (actually it doesn't) that people believe things at face value. It baffles me further that people like Daniels goal in life it seems to be "to make something go viral". He should start screwing without a rubber then.

It is also unlike, Shirley Jackson. Here she is reading her famous iconic piece,"The Lottery" in two videos, Parts 1 and 2. She, unlike Daniels, is not a douchebag

As for my story own story, here's the rub: Any portrayal of douchebags real or imagined are purely coincidental. A lottery winner deserves to dance, right T?

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