Thursday, June 27, 2013

"Joe the Salamander" is your free lunch, but can I have fifty cents?

I told you all about Leah Angstman's journal, Go Read Your Lunch HERE.

Today my story, "Joe The Salamander" is available for your lunchtime pleasure. Also, you can read it for free on any downloadable device. How's that for a free lunch.

What if you think the story is worth something? On the GRYL page gives you a range of what you can donate. can toss me as little as fifty cents! Below are the range of donations, all through Paypal suggested by the magazine.

 If all of my Facebook friends chipped in a few quarters, I'd be paid $1,631. Please, friends, I really need the money.

"Joe The Salamander" (originally published in "Air in the Paragraph Line #13 and also read at the Four Stories Series in Cambridge, Ma, on a night I ate all the appetizers which were supposed to be shared by my co-features by mistake) is the story of a man so uncomfortable in his own skin,  that all he can say is the word, "yes".

Joe decides that the solution is to wear a costume (see left, as this could be Joe)  in order to hide from interactions. Joe wanted to rent a super-hero costume, but instead all he could find was a one of a salamander. Find out how, why and what happens.

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