Saturday, November 3, 2012

Three Print Anthologies.Zig Zag Folios, Fuck Poems and Lummox Journal

 1. Zig Zag Folios 2 just released

The only Table of Contents I can find is in the jpeg. Great work by editors Scott Jacobs and Clay Ventre

Includes three of my poems:
 "No one really knows when it Happens"
""Ironing Under an Old Dusty Picture of a Wheat Field""
"Love Affair"

You want names? Here are some you can friend on Facebook  Timothy MasonTimothy GagerJac-Lynn StarkAnnMarie CatabiaChad ParenteauDanielle Jones-PruettRobin BeaudoinBridget JourgensenNick A. Zaino IIIEmily RudofskyJ.D. ScrimgeourAura Valdes,Blaine HebbelRichard Kraus and Elizabeth Gordon Mckim.

2. Fuck Poems-soon to be released 

 Includes two of my poems
"My Heart in San Francisco"
"Quintessential Awkward Male Moment"

Find buying info here

Fuck Poems informs the carnal and vulgate with the poetic and creative agency they were born from, insisting that the art is as vital as procreation.  In the tradition of Sappho and Catullus, Henry Miller and Anais Nin, yet relentlessly contemporary, this collection will titillate and infuriate, arouse and denounce, appropriating the inappropriate until the normal dissipates.

Instead of being limited to representations of previously published work, this anthology presents original work and ends with an epic collaborative fuck poem (orgy poem?)—insisting that the emphasis remain on the creative act and not the individual contributor.  Fuck Poems, through the lens of its titular topic, addresses, subtly or overtly, the overarching issues of our day: technology and capitalism, academia and writing, the body and the text.

This exceptional poetry anthology boasts 50+ contributors, living legends among them, hailing from all over the globe.  Lavender Ink dares commit this anthology to paper and e-devices, but do you dare own it?

Featuring poems by:
Lillian-Yvonne Bertram • J. Bradley • DeWitt Brinson • Peyton Burgess • Megan Burns • Peter Burzynksi • Doritt Carroll •Ruxandra Cesereanu • Benjamin Marion Cockfield • Rich Cooper• Mel Coyle • Koraly Dimitriadis • Beth Ann Fennelly • Skip Fox •Timothy Gager • Geoffrey Gatza • Frank Giampietro • Lara Glenum • Robert Gray • Sammy Greenspan • Brock Guthrie •John David Harding • Clarinda Harriss • Matt Hart • Sara Henning• Michael Hoerman • Anna Hurst • Benjamin Lowenkron • Victoria Mansberger • Leslie Anne Mcilroy • Virginia McLure • Laura Mullen • Jenn Marie Nunes • Maria R. Palacios • David Parker Jr.• Kristin Sanders • Christopher Shipman • Layth Sihan •Chancelier “Xero” Skidmore • Dustin Smith • Susan Kirby-Smith• Jordan Soyka • Mark Spitzer • Alex Stein • Chris Tonelli •Megan Volpert • Anne Waldman • Kik Williams • Chris Wise •Phillip Zimmerle

3. Lummox Journal-Out last month

 Includes my poem, 
"Walking Out of the Woods"

I already blogged about it 

2) THERE and

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