Monday, November 5, 2012

Gutter Eloquence Magazine publishes "You knew me before"

I've been in the gutter before. Not so eloquent. I've been in Gutter Eloquence Magazine four times before. I guess I'm still in the Gutter and this poem, You knew me before,  is about where I've come from.

A former girlfriend of mine (Maria McCarthy) and co-editor of The Heat City Literary Review, once pointed out that I held a knife and fork like a caveman. I never understood the subtleties of personal embarrassment, nor did I care back where I'd come from spiritually and emotionally. I found out it that it was important that people view you a certain way if you're using a steak knife the same way you cut a small branch of a tree.

For those that need help

Other contributors in this issue I've read are Misti Rainwater-Lites, Michaael D. Smith and Karl Koweski. Here's their full Table of Contents.
You knew me before by Timothy Gagertwo poems by Misti Rainwater-Lites
Where Dreams Go by Michael Frias-May
two poems by Kathy Burkett
The Red Balloon by Michael D. Smith

two poems by M.P. PowersMemorandum by Mark J. Andrews
two poems by Karl Koweski
driving by Anthony Liccione
two poems by Alexis R. Fancher

two poems by Jason L. HuskeyIn the Garret... by Steven Gulvezan
Adagio at Midnight by Brenton Booth
Socks by Michael Estabrook
Box Street Blues by James H. Duncan
two poems by James Babbs

Woman on the Edge by Darla McBrydeBiology Lab by Al Ortolani
When Buzz Took... by Michael Ashley
two poems by J.J. Campbell
Dad's Weekend... by J. Pharaoh Doss
War Veteran's Wife by Randy K. RalstonWhen Your Ex... by Zach N. Lopiccolo
Blade Song by Valentina Cano
To Remind Him... by Andrew Rihn
Fire by Paul Tristram

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