Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Back to the archive, Dogzplotz Sept. 2009, "They Did Not Want to Know"

You haven't seen much of me around lately because I have nothing new out, so I'm hitting up the archive from Barry Graham's Dogzplot, September 16, 2009 The micro piece is, They Did Not Want to Know, and is about denial. It's about death and it's about overdosing, which makes it difficult to say "enjoy the read", so instead I will remind people to appreciate the life you have--as it's the only one you got. On November 6, God willing, I will have not had a drink or a drug for two years. That is a miracle.

Look for my new work. There will be plenty new in print and on the web coming out soon.

As always, "Don't waste life's time."

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