Sunday, January 1, 2012

New year, new story--"A Circus Story" in Right Hand Pointing

I'm pleased to be in the 50th issue of Right Hand Pointing, which is not pictured to the left. (This issue,  officially numbered at 47 but this disparity is explained on their site).

That said, there are many stories or poems based on the circus. Charles Simic, for example, had a good one called Country Fair.

There have been great movies too. Trapeze with Burt Lancaster stands out as one. Big Top Pee Wee, not so much. Water For Elephants, as a movie, it was a great book.

 F. John Sharp noticed that many of my writings have metaphors or story lines which involve the circus.   I wondered why, out of the blue, he made this observation?

The answer was that he had just read and accepted, "A Circus Story" for Right Hand Pointing #47. That fact that I'd written and critiqued with John for over six years helped this piece find a home.

Also finding a home are the following folks:

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