Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Blue Lake Review story and A Pushcart Nomination

The Blue Lake Review published for your enjoyment, Things About Callie, one of those ditties that if I have to explain, it's just not funny.


Across the continent "Back in Boston" was nominated by U.M.Ph.! for a Pushcart Prize.

 I totally appreciate the nomination from the hard working and talented, Mignon Ariel King. It tells the story of traveling to places and seeing people whom now seem to be as far away as one can possible be.

Back in Boston

 It’s been raining every day:
smacks down onto sidewalks,
roads that seem more curved
than before, falling loud
the run off has been brutal,
you’ve soaked me once more.

I hear bits of conversation
from the homeless
huddled in doorways
one turns to another,
“A standing poodle is a substantial dog.”

and the force of this storm
hits a woman’s plastic bag,
which covers a wedding dress,
like a snare drum,

and a man turns to his wife,
says, “I hope it stops soon,”
but she can’t hear him
say, I need you
in my life, I love you.
as a door is held open
for her,

and it falls even harder, for me,
the world washes away,
the weather, fine
over where you are--
the sun brightly shines.


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