Sunday, December 4, 2011

Me and The Circus

F. John Sharp from Right Hand Pointing noticed the circus often pops up in my stories and poems. He's correct, of course and what follows are examples of this :

The following quote is from the "Smoking with Timothy Gager" interview at Smokelong Quarterly

“The opening sentence also chains to the one that follows. I have many friends that champion causes and during the week this was written I'd heard from two about how I could change the life of an elephant by protesting the circus. The circus comes up often in my stories and poems, so off I went. “

Below you can click the links for pieces from where the circus calls me.

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 Word Riot

"People Find Comfort in Repetition
Poem Hunter 

"Falling For an Attached Woman"  
Referential Magazine

"Every Day There is So Much About Elephants
Smokelong Quarterly

"The Soul Must Go On

"A Circus Memory"
Curbside Splendor

"The Best Interest of the Child"
 Thieves Jargon

From my unpublished novel An Angry Therapist’s Thursday Appointments

A clown cloud is juggling balls. There’s one for work, one for school, one for family. The 
clown drops a ball. Distention happens on its own. The clouds house more of the circus. I 
see Siegfriend and Roy with some white tigers. Is it a mirage because Roy is still whole. 
He was attacked, lived and spoke. “Don’t shoot the cat,” the cloud said. I find myself 
saying that to myself. Don’t shoot the messenger. No one listened to Roy. I’m listening to 
the clouds.

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Jon Konrath said...

This also explains why you often show up for poetry readings wearing clown makeup.