Monday, November 28, 2011

I actually do know who you are, and where you are from.

My flash piece, I Don't Know Who You Are, appears today in In Between Altered States-19, (the theme of which was denial).

Aleathia Drehmer runs the show both there and at Durable Goods,a printed micro-zine. My story is an excerpt of my unsigned novel, An Angry Therapist's Thursday Appointments. Ethan is one of the characters found within, whose struggles are met often with denial. All I can say about Ethan is this: The kid is going to be a real heartbreaker.

If you are interested in the background of The Who in Cincinnati tragedy, check the link out HERE. Check out the other fine and dark work of Len Kuntz, Shawn Misener, Kevin Ridgeway, Michael Goscinski, Cheryl Ann Gardner, Josh Olsen and Calvin Fantone in this issue.

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