Thursday, December 8, 2011

New story in Metazen ---"Becoming a Couple"

I must say, I love Metazen. I think they "get me" and that's no small task.

Editor Christopher Allen selected, "Becoming A Couple", a story about caring, knowing and then
going out of your way for that woman. A fickle person can make something bad out of that, because  there is only one perfect algorithm for the creation of a beautiful relationship but infinite possibilities which can lead to failure. That fickle person doesn't have to look, or work to make up excuses, because any of them will do at the time they are needed.

Writing can be cathartic, at times, but also, at others, communicative. Last August, during a brief open window was when "Becoming A Couple" was produced.

Also of note, Jason Jordan from What to Wear During An Orange Alert was reading it too!

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