Sunday, November 26, 2023

Two New Flash Fictions out in Alien Buddha #57 (BONUS: Entire Trigger Warning Data Base)

 It's paperback

Has a Color version, 12.99

or Black and White 19.99

Two brand new flash fictions of mine are in it (see below)

The stories:
a) Fairytale of Dysfunction
b) Wedding Guest

The story behind the stories:
a) Fairytale of Dysfunction

The fairytale is Goldilocks and the Three Bears and the metaphor is dysfunctional families, especially dysfunctional mothers who are critical. This isn't based on MY life, but I've seen a whole lot of damage in people's life stories. Those folks will know a thing or two about this.  

b) Wedding Guest

This story is based on _________. Fill in the blank, it's a trigger warning. Let your imagination run by looking at the ENTIRE TRIGGER WARNING DATA BASE. So how does trauma effect people in the future? Read this one and you can find out, but you probably know a thing or two yourself.

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