Monday, October 16, 2023

A 2-fer and I'm happy to have flash fiction "Labor Day at the Border Café" published in 10 X 10

      Labor Day at the Border Café a flash fiction went live today on 10 X 10 Flash, Issue 12. 

The journal is Zvi Sesling's marvelous creation and is in the link below.

click here for 10 X 10 Issue 12

The Story Behind the Story:

    One of the first Tex-Mex Restaurants in my area  was The Border Café in Harvard Square (The El  Phoenix Room was the other. I could never get past the redundant "The El"). Boy, years back, would I go there and pre-game before any Cambridge event. 

That one closed in 2020, but I would drive to the other Burlington to enjoy their food, but no longer the Margaritas. Interesting thing happened there the last time I went, and I've not been back since. You can read about it in this issue of  10 X 10 Flash Fiction, Issue 12. The piece is personal and partially true.. 

Actually, I sat in the booth right here---inside. After all, it was raining. 

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