Saturday, June 18, 2022

10 BY 10, Ten Flash Fictions by Ten Writers publishes "Beloved Do Us Part" in their Inaugural issue

    Zvi Sesling, Editor of the Muddy River Poetry Review, has jumped into flash fiction by having numerous flash pieces published. Then he decided to put out 10 BY 10 with ten unpublished works of flash by ten different writers. I was honored to be solicited---IN FACT, he wrote, "wait till you see who you are in with." 

   Well it's an all-star flash fiction lineup with : Paul Beckman, Jayne Martin, Robert Scotellaro, Renuka Raghavan, Michael C. Keith, Phil Temples, Francine Witte, Niles Reddick, and Kathy Fish. 
Thanks, Zvi. 

* * *

     Now the story behind the story, Beloved Do Us Part. I wrote this story mear the end of March, about a week after my father passed. It was a pretty dark week---so, as the mind expanded into the world of writing, I thought, what could be worse than going to a funeral?

   The answer involves an accident while delivering the urn to the service....and the protagonist arriving late, and having his wife drop one more bomb on him. 


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