Friday, August 23, 2019

Table of Contents for soon to be released, "Spreading Like Wild Flowers."

Table of Contents
This Poem is Like a Bruise
In the dark corner of a Theater
Bromley’s Funeral Home
The Last Time I Saw You
The heart is a broken little Thing
Finding the Beauty
Impairment and Loss
College Dining Hall
The Miracles of Recovery
A Certain Warrior
When I find you in an Old Diary
I Remember
Tossing the Murder Weapon
Fear, God Bless My Soul
Day One: The Day After
Bringing a Monkey To Work
Still There Are Boxes
The Truth About Pastels
Historic Night of July 4, 2019
Debate about Guns, Trucks, and Timothy McVeigh
Centralia, Pennsylvania
Red Barn
A Night Before Christmas
At a Cookout for Poets
Brookline Village, Through a High Arch
How to Unring a Bell
All Tied Up

Thanks to Ibbetson Street 45, Live Nude Poems, Anti-Heroin Chic, Nixes Mate Review, Northern New England Review, The Long Islander Newspaper, Right Hand Pointing, Muddy River Poetry Review, and The Citron Review for the original publication of the poems that appear in Spreading Like Wild Flowers.

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