Thursday, November 2, 2017

200th Dire Literary Series and is it The End?

UPDATE 11/4 December's Dire will happen thanks to The Middle East Restaurant. To see updates, as the series may be changed month to month--- always go to

That's an ominous headline. Is it just click bait? I've known some people that promote that way. You know the gimmick, click-ish, free drink, somewhat of a circus, welcome to me reading series promotion thing.

 Here's one and not to call out this particular series, which I've never heard of, but I did google "reading series drinks" to find it:

 Here they promote laughter, because as people know from dating sites, "we like to laugh", and also they like drinks and jazz. At least poetry is listed first.

Is this really the end to the Dire Literary Series? Say it ain't so, Joe, but my rented home, the Out of the Blue Gallery Too is having financial issues and has to move (but donations are being accepted.)

So here are the possible scenarios:
I have a Dire event on next month December 1, and I'll do my best to find an alternate venue for that one. If the gallery is successful in their move, I'll probably stay with them whenever they are up and running, sometime in 2018 (?). If they are unsuccessful I'll end the Dire, because a new setting would be 1) expensive 2) not guaranteed on a Friday 3) Not guaranteed for anything else for any amount of time (sort of like tenancy at will 4) would probably be a hassle.

So lets enjoy the 200th. It's a great one with
Aaron Tillman
Daniel Hudon
Alexis Paige 

Also it's being held on my birthday but as you read above, I won't use that as a promotional tool--see above but I will let Puddles the Fucking Clown take care of it. It's been one hell of a ride especially if you remember Paul the cop, Murray the tax adjuster, The Match Game feature of Nadine Darling, the Dire BBQ's and the author of S/M.


Does anyone remember the laughter?
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