Monday, October 5, 2015

What happens when a good friend takes over your Dire Literary Series for her book launch.

I've run The Dire Literary Series for fourteen years. Basically it's been the same or in a similar format the entire time, features followed by an open mic. When Nadine Darling, who I've known for about a million years and whose book I've long anticipated asked to be a feature--the answer was obvious. When she asked to take over the entire event for the launch for She Came From Beyond, with skits, a game show and other shenanigans, the answer was a guarded obvious. This was only until the planning process---when I knew the idea would become a smash.

You can watch some segments right here, recorded by Glenn Bowie, poet, lyricist and overall good guy.

1) Opening monologue

2) I interviewed Sarah Blake (Mr. West) as Merv Griffin, (not filmed) and then Sarah read

3) Then Sarah's aunt, Beth Maloney, gets interviewed by "Merv" and she reads from her book.

4) Then we ran the Match Game with stars Rusty Barnes, Robin Stratton (as Bret Somers), Chad Parenteau (as Chad Nelson Reilly), Nadine Darling, Christopher Reilley and Sarah Blake. I ran the show as Gene Rayburn

5) Then the real star of the evening, Nadine Darling (and a random dog) read from her debut novel

6) and "It's a wrap"

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