Friday, October 10, 2014

10/9 Seattle, The Interrobang Appointments of Bill Sloan

Interrobang?! (Derek Kavan, Britney Barber, Phoebe Richards, Becky Bartlein* and Dave Clapper) is an improv troupe who performed in tandem writers at AWP last year. Dave Clapper from Smokelong Quarterly asked me to read from The Thursday Appointments of Bill Sloan, for my tour, and they would do their thing. I don't know what to think about the actual reading or event. I think it was great, but I was shuffling through the book looking for sections that I missed a lot of what was happening on stage-- there were a ton of laughs. What?? Yeah, I was lost too.

The set up was that Interrobang started and set up their stage characters. The were given a genre prompt of Science Fiction, so when it came time for me to read, their story evolved along with me. I read six, less than five minute segments (many from the TV segment from the book, which I'd never read out loud before) and they Interrobang?! total of eight times.

Phoebe, Britney and Derek


Timothy Gager

Stay tuned there will be video! I can't wait to see it. Sold a few books too!

Strange but true story Seattle story:  Britney Barber walked in on my in the bathroom, then, embarrassed, burst into a song. I quickly had to do my own improv. I love theater!

 Thursday's Guardian Angel: DeeLynne Troy, an old-school newspaper woman, whom I've know at Scrawl, the Writers Asylum since 2004, who drove an hour to Seattle, hung out at the show and will drive a few more hours to get me to Portland. She was extremely gracious and I enjoyed her company so much, that I wasn't allowed the chance to feel bad.

Happy, Thankful and Grateful w/ Dee Troy

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