Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Readings for "The Thursday Appointments of Bill Sloan", Cambridge, SD, SEA, PORT, OAKLAND, LA and NYC

 Read a review of The Thursday Appointments of Bill Sloan (HERE), or some others on Amazon, then go find me on this tour

UPDATE: Gloucester, Cambridge, Newton dates

  December 4, 2014 Gloucester, Ma

Author Night at Lit House, Gloucester "Ladies Night" 5-10 PM

Eastern Point Lit House
261 Main Street,
Gloucester, Ma

Signing with Barbar Boudreau, Kelly DuMar, Renee Mallett, Jenn Monroe, Ivy Page, Eric Pinder and Margaret Young

December 5, 2014 Cambridge, Ma

Dire Literary Series, 8 PM

Out of the Blue Art Gallery
541 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, Ma

with guests Michael Keith, George Wallace, and Laura Bernard

December 11, 2014 Newburyport, Ma

Newburyport High School 9 AM

Workshopping with students for Student Day of Poetry, Mass Poetry

December 12, 2014 Newton, Ma

Meet and Greet at NE Mobile Book Fair, 4-6 PM

New England Mobile Book Fair
282 Needham St,
Newton Highlands, MA

Signing and chatting with customers (right at the register)



September 2, 2014 Cambridge, Ma
Book Release Party
Porter Square Books, 7 PM 

Write up HERE

Tuesday Release Party Appointment of The Thursday Appointments of Bill Sloan
Porter Square Shopping Center

with readings by Robin Stratton (Publisher of), 

Christopher Reilley (cover design) 
and Rusty Barnes (famous Blurber of)
...and then the tour


To buy The Thursday Appointments of Bill Sloan

October 6, 2014 San Diego, California 
event WRITE UP  

The Ink Spot, 7 PM  
Monday Appointments with San Diego Writers 
NTC at Liberty Station, Barracks 16

  2730 Historic Decatur Rd., Suite 202, San Diego, Ca


 Featuring with Heather Fowler, Bonnie Zobell and Maggie May Ethridge
October 9, 2014 Seattle, Washington
event WRITE UP

Bang and a Smoke Series, Time 8 PM

The Interrobang Appointments of Timothy Gager

The Pocket Theater
8312 Greenwood Ave. N., Seattle

Featuring with Dave Clapper's Interrobang Improv
The Pocket Theater, 

 October 10, 2014 Portland, Oregon
event WRITE UP

The Jade Lounge, 8 PM 

Friday Appointment with Portland Writers 
2342 SE Ankeny St., Portland, Oregon


Featuring with Parker Tettleton,  Dena Rash Guzman, Yuvi Zalkow, Sam Snoek-Brown,  and Julia ClareTillinghast  


October 11, 2014  Oakland, California
event WRITE UP

E.M. Wolfman General Interest Small Bookstore, 6:30 PM

The Saturday Appointment with Bay Area Writers
410 13th St.Oakland, California


Featuring with Alexandra Naughton, Carmella Veronica,  Paul Murufas, Christine Hyung-Oak Lee 

October 12, 2014 Los Angeles, California 
event WRITE UP

Roar Shack Series, 4 PM 

The Sunday Appointment with LA Writers
"826" in Echo Park 

1714 West Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, Ca 
Los Angeles, California


Reading with: Tanya Ward Goodman, Allison Burnett  and Jeff Edwards 
Hosted by David Rocklin 


October 18, 2014 Cambridge, Ma

Lilly Pad, 10 PM-1 AM

The Experimental Appointment with Izihotane
1353 Cambridge, St., Cambridge, Ma


Reading with: Izihotane (Avant-Garde in the age of Auto-Correct. Absurd, Psychedelic, Experimental. Izikhotane is Poetry, Music, Performance Art.) Other great acts to be added. 


November 11, 2014 Salem,  Ma

Wicked Good Books, 7 PM

Wicked Good Books
215 Essex Street, Salem Ma


Reading with: Michael Keith


 November 16, 2014 New York, New York
event listing listed later

Sunday Salon, 7 PM 

Jimmy's no. 43 
43 East Seventh Street, , New York, New York


Reading with Mike Harvkey, Johanna Lake, Christy Crutchfield + Mel Bosworth
Hosted by Nita Noveno and Sara Lippman

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