Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"A Modern Form of Disorderly Conduct" nominated by Right Hand Pointing for Best of the Net Anthology

 Hipsters, hockey and homeless. That's the ticket in my story, nominated by RHP from all the wonderful work they've published in the last year. I'm grateful and lucky that they nominated me for Best of the Net Anthology.

My favorite player! She wouldn't be bothered
by no stinking fog horn.

 Here's the rest of their nominations


Timothy Gager, “A Modern Form of Disorderly Conduct” (#71)
Meg Pokrass, "Time Lady" (#73)


Eric Burke: "Haruspex" (#75)
Robert Scotellaro “Pallbearers for the Living” (#75)
José Angel Araguz “Kindred Spirit” (#72)
Sarah J. Sloat “Heiress to a Small Ruin” (2014 mini-chapbook)
Jon Densford “Omline” (#66)

Lauren Gordon: "Your poem is learning language" (2014 mini-chapbook)

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