Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Uno Kudo, Vol. 3 includes "How Penguins Break"

Uno Kudo, Vol 3, is out today with some amazing work of both writing and art. You can purchase it by clicking the link RIGHT HERE. The cover (shown below) was banned by Facebook because of their nudity policy, which, of course in the arts, being naked is accepted and should not be debatable.

The journal features new work from the usual suspects:
Mike Corum Heather Dorn Mik Everett Jonathan Greenhause Kyle Hemmings Karlee Johnson B.J. Jones Jen Knox Heather Kroupa Susan Lewis Frankie Metro Kristine Ong Muslim Kenneth Pobo J.J. Steinfeld Ryan Swofford Meg Tuite Robert Vaughan Marvin Waldman

Art from Ramona Zordini, Victor Castillo, Deedee Cheriel, and Jeremy Geddes.  

Bud Smith, Aaron Dietz and  Erin McParland do their thing by putting it all together.

My story, "How Penguins Break" has to do with two wind-up penguin toys and how they symbolically represent a current relationship. Please be careful to not over-wind them because that would cause them to break and no longer clomp around with one another.

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