Friday, August 2, 2013

Bartelby Snopes presents Issue 10, in print, a "best of".

The 10th Issue of the semi-annual magazine from Bartleby Snopes features fiction and artwork from 28 brilliant authors and artists. The lineup of stories includes the six Story of the Month winners from the first half of 2013. This fine collection of stories promises to delight the readers. With a loyal following of readers, Bartleby Snopes is dedicated to producing a quality magazine featuring some of the best fiction on the web. This issue includes work from: Gessy Alvarez, David S Atkinson, Catherine Barter, Frank Cademartori, Darlene P Campos, Jamez Chang, Monic Ductan, Lauren Dupps, Anthony Feggans, Kate Folk, Chris Fradkin, Timothy Gager, Daniel Joseph Giovinazzo, Matthew Guerruckey, Austin James, Gwyn Ruddell Lewis, Stefanie Lyons, Richard McLarn, J.M. Miller, Laura Newsholme, Lauren Perez, Sarah Scott, David Stockdale, Refe Tuma, Wyl Villacres, Ryan Werner, and Jeff Marcus Wheeler.

"Sissy Spacek", originally written about here,  was an editor's choice for their Best of Issue , which includes others choices by their editors and the winners of the reader's vote for "best of" each month. Thanks to Nathan Tower for this great print journal.

It's available on LULU .

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