Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Top Ten Viewed Blog Posts of 2012

David Letterman does a nightly Top Ten List. Here's his first. Didn't it suck?

Year end Top Ten lists are kind of silly, so what the hell, why shouldn't I join in the "fun"? Without any further verbiage, here are the most viewed posts from  2012, in reverse order with a quick comment about why it made the list.

10. Microw 6 is out! Pleased to be in it-- taking on insomnia and "The Little Prince"

Reason: People love the little prince and if you have insomnia you were up at all hours reading this post. 

Reason: People love to google themselves. This post lists a huge number of the contributors, editors, etc. Lummox also came back after hiatus and there was some interest in that.

Reason: People love the Chiller hand video! 

Reason: People search for Neco Case a lot. 

Reason: People have fond memories of the It's a Small World Ride at Disney. I remember hearing a story about someone stuck inside that ride when it malfunctioned. They were directed to wade out of the scuzzy water after a few hours. I bet they read this blog!

Reason: What do you get when a viral facebook post from a fake gazillion dollar lottery winner meets a great publisher in Right Hand Pointing, meets massive reposts by great supportive people? That's right, the number five most popular blog posting! 

Reason: People love a good screw up. The irony is that this post only redirects to the story of the screw up I named in the New Graffiti blog. 

Reason: People were damn curious about my sobriety. Was the story about that? No, but the story has many satiric references about a fellowship I know and love . 

Reason: People are interested or people are stalkers. Pick one. 

And the number One most viewed blog post of 2012

1. In Between Altered States publishes, "No Sex Since Last Spring"

Reason: Sex sells. 

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