Monday, November 19, 2012

Ibbetson 32 with a great cast and a poem of mine, "Far Away in Iowa"

 Ibbetson Street has been around in print for 16 years. It is a press run by Doug Holder, which produces a bi-annual magazine and many books of poetry. My poem "Far Away in Iowa" was originally written in a series intended to represent a cross-country drive. I was planning 48 poems for each state in the connected United States. It was a project I never finished, but there were a few which saw the light of day. "Howdy in Ohio" appeared in These Poems Are Not Pink Clouds published by Propaganda Press. "When I'm Drunk, I Think About Phoenix" appeared in the Endicott Review, "Sweet Cold Chicago" was published in Bagels With the Bards Anthology III and "Boston to Providence" was originally in Gutter Eloquence..

For the record I only poetically drove to four states but I versed my way from Boston to Arizona. 

New Ibbetson Street 32 with poems by

Afaa Michael Weaver, Daniel Langton, Ellaraine Lockie, Philip E. Burnham, Miriam Levine, Sandy McCord, Robert K. Johnson, Ben Mazer, Dennis Daly, Bert Stern, Bob Brooks, Irene Koronas, Amelia Wilbur Riggs, Simon Perchik, Wendell Smith, Ruth O'Callaghan, Jonaae DeSimone Reynolds, Joan Kimball, Helen Marie Casey, Tom Yuill, John P. Kristofco, Charles Sabukewicz
, Lyn Lifshin, Judith Skillman, Adria Holmes, Diana Der-Hovanessian, Geeta Tewari, Elizabeth Eliz Hanson, Joyce Meyers, Carol Hamilton, Lainie Senechal, Lawrence Kessenich, Mark Pawlak, Teisha Dawn Twomey, Jesse Mavro Diamond, X.J. Kennedy, Linda M. Fisher, Nina Rubinstein Alonso, Sheryl White, Cynthia Duda, Marty Walsh, Jean Monahan, Deborah Finkelstein, Emily Pineau, Christine Kennedy, Chris Warner, Timothy Gager, Elizabeth Doran, Ed Gaitling, Peter Fulton, Harris Gardner and David R. DiSarro

As far as this video goes, Dar Williams was noted in the acknowledgement in my book Short Street, as I was listening to a lot of her  music while I was writing some very dark stuff. Iowa was on that playlist.

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