Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011-My year in publishing.

Here's the count: A total of 53. 26 Flash, 25 Poems and 2 works of Non-Fiction plus 50,000 words for "An Angry Therapist's Thursday Appointments" . Here's a chance to read them all and comment on the ones you like. Oh, yeah, the Bruins won the cup. Fear the beard!


"Aspirations" ,  "Action Figures"  Unshod Quills

"Becoming a Couple" ,  Metazen

"Things About Callie"Blue Lake Review

"I Don't Know Who You Are"In Between Altered States

"Home Invasion"Fried Chicken and Coffee

"Fireworks" , Squawk Back #31

"Multiplicity"Midway Journal

"Shooting Them Out"U.M.Ph.!

"Last Call"Curbside Splendor

"Channeling" ,
"Bipolar"  Red Fez

"A Little Slice Of"not from here, are you?

"A New Life"
"What's in the Clouds", "Some Sort of Anonymous Meeting" Thunderclap V 
 "Every Day There Is So Much about Elephants" Smokelong Quarterly 31

"Bonfire" ,Prick of the Spindle

"The Recital"
"Divided" The Legendary
"The Things We Have" , In Between Altered States

"They Covered all the Rust Spots with Bumper Stickers" , 1 AM Project Zine  


"often they fall from the sky"
"Salmon Fishing in Alaska "
Dead Mule School of Southern Literature

"Back In Boston"
"Her Car is Officially Dead"

" In A Jam"

" Seasonal Affective Disorder"
Durable Goods 2009-2010 Anthology

" What do Men Want (in response to Kim A)"
Poor Mojos Almanac, #540

"Wait-You Can't Hide It"
 Istanbul Literary Review

"When I'm Drunk I Think About Phoenix"
The Endicott Review Vol. 28, Issue 1.

"An Ocean Inn"
 Bagels with the Bards 6

" Falling For An Attached Woman"
 Referential Magazine

" When you live by yourself"
 Muddy River Poetry Review

"I take my date and her Kid to the Zoo"
"A Circus Memory"
"All That We Ate"
"A Fifth of Scotch"
"Like Moths in the Night"
Curbside Splendor, Volume 1

" When it is Still Winter"
riverbabble 18

"the girl this weekend"
"An Angry Mel Gibson Gets a Dog"
Howls and Pushycats

" The rain is like the Things You Couldn't Stop"
 Wilderness House Literary Review

"The Enabler"
"starting a poem with "sometimes" is really weak"
 Gutter Eloquence


 February 9, 2011, The Somerville News: Lyrical Somerville

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