Saturday, January 7, 2017

5 Star reviews of "Grand Slams: A Coming of Eggs Story" trickling in

Read the crits a few 5 star bits-click here- how to buy it.  Here's a rating system I located for references purposes only...

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I do have a soft spot for pancake house centered fiction, but I also have high standards. Gager puts together a beautiful one in this book though. It seems so realistic of that kind of place at the time that it's funny, tense, and even tender. I cared about these people and what would happen to them as if they were really people I knew well. Very well done.
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By W. Mahoney on January 6, 2017
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Having worked in a restaurant very similar to Grand Slams, I love how Mr. Gager captures the lives of those poor, struggling souls, floundering along in a nothing job yet trying to find some meaning. Mr. Gager gives us characters we come to care about, and he brings them to life with sparkling dialogue that is at once witty, engaging, and even poignant. You will laugh, enjoy, and become absorbed in this story about every day people and the stories that bond them. Well done.
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Anyone who's worked in a restaurant will recognize characters like Kayak Kenny, as well as Gager's description of the hot stink of the dishwashing station, among other things. This is a great book by Tim Gager, whose novels keep getting better.

As I said last night at Dire, writers love the praise, but they really love book sales, so thank you in advance!

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