Thursday, August 17, 2023

Happy to be included in Ibbetson Street #53


I've lost count of the incredible amount of times I've been blessed to have appeared in Ibbetson Street. Somewhere in the blog I've listed it, but today I'm just going to express gratitude to Doug Holder and Harris Gardner who fill up journal twice annually. 

In this issue Michael Ansara, Richard Hoffman, Kathleen Aguero, Denise Provost, Ted Kooser, Jennifer Barber, Marge Piercy, Laura Cherry, Chad Parenteau, David Miller, Lawrence Kessenich, Danielle Legros George,Carla Schwartz, Zvi Sesling, Dennis Daley and more ...

                  * * *

The published poem is titled, "Recipe Stupid Men Use to Capture Women." I've made it no secret that I disapprove up the tricks men use in regards to other men and in regards to women in order to court them.  I believe I've used the word "hate" often.  So to the person I observed doing everything I wrote in this poem...fuck that guy.  

Please support the jouranl by considering a purchase. It is beautiful, and the Media Mail costs alone can put any journal in the red.

Fuck that guy too.  

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