Sunday, December 27, 2020

2020: My Year in Publishing, without anything else having to do with 2020

 So, hey Mr. Tally man, I'll tally you all my bananas, right here! We won't mention Election Fraud, (see ya' later, Donnie), Covid-19 (hope to never see you), or life's often challenging lifey-moments (see them somewhere in this blog) 


Besides all of that in 2020 was, my tallies were 3 Flash Fictions, 7 Poems, 1 Essay and 3 Podcasts. Slow, consistent, and pandemic friendly. I acted as Fiction Editor for Wilderness House Literary Review for their four seasons of issues. 

     I also hosted 33 Virtual Friday Dire Literary Series events on Zoom. The line-ups are HERE  and from Sept. on the videos of the features can be viewed HERE

Flash Fictions

"The New Coach" , October 26, 2020 Boog City, #137, Baseball Issue

"It's a New Year" , September 1, 2020 Right Hand Pointing, #140, scroll to the bottom

'"Ambien Beatle" January 29, 2020 Oddball Magazine



June 2, 2020, WorkIt Health
"Being Of Service in the Age of Corona"


December 25, 2020, Oddball Show with Jason Wright
"The Oddball Podcast"

July 10, 2020, Assiduous Dust with Joshua Corwin

May 20, 2020, Poetry in the Bar, with Helen Bloom
"Poetry In the Bar"

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