Monday, October 5, 2020

What happens when you've been nominated for 16 Pushcart Prizes (without winning)?


     You are extremely grateful when Muddy River Poetry Review nominates you for your 17th. The poem When You Have this Connection  (published April 2020) was given the honor by Editor Zvi Sesling. The great thing about Pushcart nominations is that there are no "do me a favor and vote on-line for me" moments.  The poem can be found HERE

     Fingers crossed, as one can never assume there will be an 18th. 

     Congratulations to the other poets for being Muddy River Poetry Review’s Pushcart Prize nominees. I hope you win:

     Eileen R. Tabios — Cigar Puffs

     Marge Piercy — How I Bury

     Taylor Graham — The Alpha Fire

     bg Thurston — Lineage

     Gloria Mindock — Deeply

      Oh, and,  by the way, besides 17 nominations, 17 is a pretty cool number. Look at all the 17 things  shown below...Thanks Google!



There have been 16 others, and I've posted about some of them.  

Here's One

Here's Another

A Third post

There are no posts or links about actually winning a Pushcart. 


bg Thurston said...

Well, I hope 17 is your lucky one and you win this time! :)

Dave Somerset said...

Great work, good luck my deserving friend!