Monday, November 20, 2017

Pleased to announce a poem of mine being nominated for a Pushcart by Big Table.

Robin Stratton posted----
November 20, 6 PM 

CONGRATULATIONS to Big Table's 2017 Pushcart Prize noms!!
“The Lynching of Leo Frank” by Zvi A. Sesling
"Balance" by Richard Fox
“Unforgotten” by Elizabeth Szewczyk 
“Making American History” by Timothy Gager
“When I say ‘you’ I mean all of us” by Annie Stenzel
“White Coats” by John Cuetara

That makes twelve nominations total for me. Although people say a Pushcart nomination has no meaning----as anyone can nominate anyone from any webpage---even yourself from your own--it means a lot when a publisher/editor (Robin Stratton) who has put out a large amount of work names you in their Top 5. Loved that it's a "made America greatly worse" poem. Thanks @realdonaldtrump--you're an inspiration and a fucking peach. 

Who else has 12 nominations? Drake, that's who!

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