Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Fall Issue of Wilderness House Literary Review is out. The link to full issue is in the blog

     Ah, the Wilderness..It's great to get away, with everything happening in the World. 

     I'm proud to show you fiction I selected for Fall 2020, which featured David Atkinson's title which is longer that some flash fictions. 

     Fiction often has to surprise an editor in order to stand out. When I saw the title of Susan Whiting Kemp's piece, "The Opposite of the Coronavirus" on the submission list, I immediately assumed that the story was going to be heavy on Coronavirus, and light on opposite. Boy was I pleasantly surprised, as it was such a wonderful, original work. Thanks to Steve Glines who is the Editor In Chief, who empowers his editors, including myself,  to do what they do.

As always follow this link to go to the Wilderness House Literary Review page and read the poetry, essays, and non-fiction too. 

WHLR 59th issue (Volume 15, no 3) - October 2020

RULES AND EDIQUETTE: I get various feedback by the writers who didn't get into the issue, but it's not up for debate. Not cool. The other thing I'd like to see is writers withdrawing their work when it gets accepted elsewhere. There is nothing worse than taking the time to fall in love with a piece which is no longer available.  Submission Guidelines are guidelines for a reason. 

 Speaking of debate. I think we've had enough of those already, which is one. It is the opposite of wilderness. 

By the time our next issue is out, the election will be two months in the rear view, and hopefully things will be much better, and less agitating. 

Also while you're reading here's the list of accepted pieces while I was the acting Fiction Editor



2016 to present


Walt Giersbach said...

Thank you! So nice to see a retrospective as a way to recall some stories long forgotten. You guys publish some outstanding writing!

ctgager37 said...

Thanks Walt. The world has outstanding writers and I'm glad they consider us for their work