Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Snowflakes in a Blizzard features Grand Slams in their "Replay" series.

 ...which is much better than "Where are they now?"

Here is their link, but it looks and reads  like this

First TuesdayAugust 11    Snowflakes in a Blizzard Replay, 

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Grand Slams: a coming of eggs story by [Gager, Timothy]“GRAND SLAMS,” BY TIMOTHY GAGER

Writes one reviewer: “The first thing one notices in Timothy Gager’s Grand Slam: A Coming of Eggs Story is the Holden Caulfield-like anti-hero protagonist Woody. There is an ensemble of characters in the novel who make up the staff and management at a chain diner, Grand Slams, and Gager deftly weaves their backstories and inner lives into the fast-paced narrative. (Mignon Ariel King).

And another: “Having worked in a restaurant very similar to Grand Slams, I love how Mr. Gager captures the lives of those poor, struggling souls, floundering along in a nothing job yet trying to find some meaning. Mr. Gager gives us characters we come to care about, and he brings them to life with sparkling dialogue that is at once witty, engaging, and even poignant. You will laugh, enjoy, and become absorbed in this story about every day people and the stories that bond them.”

Throughout the novel, the almost-adults keep the momentum going in the midst of the socially odd and borderline tragic, invested adults. How will this trio grow up while surrounded by infantile, base, or simply lost adults? The reader is invested by the third chapter in finding out.

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