Sunday, August 30, 2020

How to find my latest published piece, "It's a New Year," in Right Hand Pointing #140

 I've decided to start submitting again, so I picked an old favorite Right Hand Pointing who has gratefully published me ten times in the past. This is the first time I've been included since 2017.  I wish some other old favorites were still around, such as Night Train, The Legendary, In Between Altered States were still around, as they liked my work as well. 

    So RHP started in 2004, and it turned 16. Dale Wisely points out that some of the writers included in this issue were born in that decade, so it makes one think of aging, and journals dying.

    RHP is like an old friend, and through the years they have changed the way to browse the magazine. My new flash piece, "It's a New Year," (written before the pandemic so that phrase has nothing to do with 2020), is at the bottom of their issue, the bottom of their scroll. My advice is to read the whole issue and get to mine, but if I wish to self-promote, and you just wish to read, "It's a New Year," open  and go to issue #140, themed 'distant dark.

Then use the search/find tool, which you can do using your keyboard and hitting Ctrl + F

A little search box will appear on your screen, so type my last name 'Gager' in that box

Then next to my name are 'up' and 'down' arrows. Click the down arrow until the story comes up. Right Hand Pointing is all about arrows, and hands pointing, and directional flow, so this should all be very logical. 

And there you should have it....

Oh, before I forget, the story behind this story is based on staying home (ha! Imagine that) on New Year's Eve, and participating in a midnight phone call with an exe...with bad reception (double meaning intentional)


JJ Stickney said...

My life is already a flood plain, without assurance—without insurance—without any assistance,

Loved it.

ctgager37 said...

Thanks John. Your support and support of other writers is an example to take from.

Unknown said...

Liked "It's a New Year," so clear about lack of clarity, the shakiness.

ctgager37 said...

Thank you !