Tuesday, October 23, 2018

I dissect the poem "Sobriety" in Chris Rice Cooper's Art and Humanity Blog

CHRIS RICE COOPER is a newspaper writer, feature stories writer, poet, fiction writer, photographer, and painter. She has a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice and completed all of her poetry and fiction workshops required for her Master’s in Creative Writing with a focus on poetry. She, her husband Wayne, sons Nicholas and Caleb, cats Nation and Alaska reside in the St. Louis area.

In her blog she has a segment called Backstory of a Poem, in which she and I discuss my poem Sobriety. 

It's pretty cool, to be honest, to talk about a single poem, so check the link and read the words. Chris in her blog has included some photos from my Facebook archives, which is a strange thing to say-Facebook archives.  This one was from my unloading my dinner from the microwave series. I was starving, as documented by the hidden camera. 

Oh, and when she contacted she was kind enough to include this:

Dear Timothy The piece is all set to go. I'll wait to hear from you about the photo and then post. And if the photo doesn't work out that's okay too. I admire you for overcoming alcohol addiction. There are so many good people that fall into that addiction. So I applaud you!
Christal Ann Rice Cooper

Cheers (with coffee or Dr. pepper of course) To you Chris

Here's the poem Chris and I discussed

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