Wednesday, March 7, 2018

New exclusive flash fiction no one has ever seen before, today at Oddball Magazine

Today at Oddball Magazine, Historic Men Talking By A Fire,  is a flash fiction story that won't appear in Every Day There is Something About Elephants. Thanks so much to my friends and editors there, especially Chad Parenteau who requested the original submission.

Here's the joke: Prince, Betty White and Elvis Presley are sitting by a campfire...The story features conversations about death, and that little dude from the Diet Dr. Pepper commercial, 'Lil Sweet', who ended up in the story because he annoys the f-u-c-k out of me.

Long live Betty White! c

Here's the second joke: This is the second Elvis based story I have had published recently. The reason for this is that I fucked up and the previous one was accepted by both Oddball and another journal. I hate losing track of submissions. Since Chad is a friend, I reached out and asked if I could write another one staring Elvis. This way, the art drawn for the first piece by Cesar Valtierra  could be recognized. Anyone, I liked the outcome and hope you do too.

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