Monday, April 24, 2017

Table of Contents: "Chief Jay Strongbow is Real"

There are 53 poems and 8 Acts in this upcoming collection. The main theme is found in Act 1 and VIII and described HERE in the Preface Acts V, VI and VII are much lighter in tone and subject matter--any questions, I'll be sure to answer. 

Table of Contents

Act I: The part of The Chief will be played by an Italian

Chief Jay Strongbow is Real 17
Throw Certainty Out in the Air like a Lasso 19
Repatriation 20
Methinks we Protest 22
Making American History 24
I’m Feeling Good About Amerika 26
Didn’t see it Before I Stepped in it 27
1984-2017 28
This Old Gym 29

Act II: What Doesn’t Kill You

But you forgot, to remember 33
My Name is Paul 34
A Request 35
By the Fifth Drink on Sunday Afternoon 36
The Night Wind 38
The Filth and the Fury 40
Tales Which Moved Me 41
Wash Away Her Sins 42
Prayer by a Stream 43
Eulogy for “Dying Suddenly” 44
At Her Gravesite 45
Sobriety 46
Hartooma 47

Act III: When We Talk About Love

It’s Gaga or Nothing 51
About Making Love 53
When We Talk About Love 54
My darling 56
How We Exist 57
Loose Flowers 58

Act IV: Lodged in an Airway

Counter Act 61
Paler Nymph 62
Ingestion 63
This is where I Am (when here) 64
Stratus 65
Upon Leaving 66
I am no longer your anything 67
A Shining Night 68
The Last Time 69
How Elephants Love 70
suicide sequential 71

Act V: Worn Away in Circulation

A Poem for Forever 75
Unfit Father 76
When I Think of my Childhood 78
Cross Country Family Vacation 80

Act VI: God We Need Such Luxury

Found on Social Media 83
Us Defined 84
Nursery Rhythms 85
My Claim 86
Making Spring Come Early 87

ACT VII: Seasoning

Hot Biscuits, Country Ham at The
Loveless Motel 91
Grumpy reply to the grumpy cashier at
the fast food restaurant 92
Leftovers at the Lays Potato Chip Factory 93
There’s A Fly in My Soup 94

Act VIII: Survival
 For the Bear 97

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