Friday, November 4, 2016

"Scientific Purposes" makes Best of Boston Literary Magazine, Vol 2

I wrote about the story behind the poem HERE

It is with pride and gratitude that the poem "Scientific Purposes" is included in  
The Best of Boston Literary Magazine, Volume 2.

The cover looks like this:

Thanks, as always, to Robin Stratton. Science is amazing

Table of Contents

Doug Holder

Barbara Meikle

What Wives Do
Len Joy

Local News
Alison Futterman

A Fine Line & Tongues
Lucy Spinetti

Making the Most of It
Michael A. Wells

Noel Sloboda

Creeping Fire
Jeffrey H. MacLachlan

Bay Watch
Sarah Hilary

Better than Bingo
Meg Tuite

Summer Cottage
Elizabeth Cleary

How it Looks
Joan Mazza

Rebecca Leo

little seasons
Ivy Alvarez

David Licata

You Changed Your Mind
Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz

Crooked Painting
Stephanie Sguigna

Brady Peterson

Sorry for Breaking In
Matthew Salesses

Nine Lines
Andrea Fischer

Tina Barry

Janice Krasselt Tatter

Driving Ms. Nora
Nadine Gallo

2035 & Tidbits
Lesley Mace

Humanely Unwritten & Unexcuses
Steve Meador

The Last Charade
Avis Hickman-Gibb

Take Off
Robert Swartwood

Clouseau “Clue” Curtis
Mary Pacifico Curtis

Shark Bait
Sarah Hilary

A Short Detour
Robert Scotellaro

Cross Country
Adam Eisman

Meat Market
Sylvia Spruck Wrigley

Mrs. Plant
Doug Holder

Mr. Dobson
Brian Fanelli

Puzzle of a Downfall Child
Howie Good

New Posting
Doug Mathewson

A Trifle
Keith Tornheim

What we are waiting for
Dale Wisely

Death Row Hugger
Nancy Stohlman

Hospital Parking Lot
Terri Kirby Erickson

Habits Die Hard
Linda Simoni-Wastila

The Solitude of Noise
Michael C. Keith

Air Harp Would be Better
Robert Scotellaro

My Father Leaves a Voice Mail
Karen Loeb

Alone at the End of the World
Tommy Dean

No Filter
Paul Beckman

Turning Silk into a Sow’s Purse
Jeff Burt

Trust Me
Steve Klepetar

Than Never to Have Loved at All
Jeff Switt

That Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Brad Rose

New Season & Autumn Festival
Craig W. Steele

They Call it Love
Levi Andrew Noe

Kimberly Misra

Cousin Timothy
Patty Rossi

A Dog Digging Up his Master’s Grave
Doug Holder

A Smooth Ride
Catherine Arra

Growing Up in a Ford Fairlane
Jo Barbara Taylor

Last Dance
Peggy Trojan

Husband’s Mouth
Trisha Wheeldon

Rex Stocklin

Sipping Wine on the Porch, Sunrise, Kayaking & Open Windows
Rose Kowaliw

Watercolors & Bed Spread
dl mattila

Tried to do a Little Better
Tim Suermondt

Family Time
Jayne Martin

Ed Severson

The Essence of the Beach
Kristin MacIsaac

The Test
Gloria Garfunkel

Richard Schnap

Melissa Palmer

Who I Am in a Traffic Jam
Amye Archer

Senior Moment & The Muse
Doug Mathewson

Barry Basden

Liz N. Clift

Living the “Art Life”
Christopher Reilley

Jane Banning

Blue Jars
Laura Rodley

A Week on the Road with My Dad
Bill Glose

After the Whistle
Tony Press

Marriage Champion
Jeff Deck

Bobbing Heads
Jon Sindell

Hospice Nurse
Myra King

E. Suzin Odlen
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