Monday, December 22, 2014

2014: My year in publishing, touring, reading and doing crazy stuff.

2014  marked for me,  the least amount of published work in a long time. Still, there was "The Thursday Appointments of Bill Sloan", which proudly took up a lot of my writing time for the finishing editing process, the promoting oand the touring for.  It has sold a lot and the blurbs and reviews  (plus reader reviews) for it have been amazing. Also I was interviewed hosted various interviews, as well as filmed, recorded, ran a March Madness contest and raised money for the tour of the West Coast and The Out of the Blue Art Gallery

2014, in sheer number,  
1 book, 
11 short stories/flash  (of them, two co-written) , 
9 poems, 
2 essays


The Thursday Appointments of Bill Sloan,, August 2014, Big Table Publishing

"You Buy Too Much Kale" September 16, 2014 Flash Frontier

"Being Aesthetically Pleasing" July 8, 2014 Flash Frontier
(written with Teisha Twomey)

"Iron Mike Behind Bars" June 9, 2014 Cape Fear Review

"Best Fiends", May 28, 2014 Fried Chicken and Coffee
"The Beauty on the Inside"

"No.Station" May 28, 2014 Akashic Books Thursdaze

"All About Zebras in The Wild", May 9, 2014 The Legendary
"What Are The Reasons They Hang On"

"Systematic Knowledge" March 29, 2014 Pure Slush

"Clarence's First" March 7, 2014 Paragraph Line
(written with Teisha Twomey) 

"This is Where You Are"
December 1, 2014, Ibbetson 36

"No Home Like Place"
"There's Sunshine When You Need It"
November 26, 2014, Cape Cod Poetry Review, Winter 2014

"Rockwellian BBQ at The Town Green"
July 3, 2014 Oddball Magazine

"About Making Love"
June 1, 2014, Ibbetson 35

"We Won't Work Out"
May 31, 2014,Right Hand Pointing Tenth Anniversary Issue

"Meeting With Father Vincent"
May 1, 2014, Extract(s) 2 (print)

March 1, 2014,The Citron Review


November 17, 2014, Big Table Publishing, Featured Authors
"My Analysis of Television and How It Influenced, "The Thursday Appointments of Bill Sloan"

September 22, 2014, Mass Poetry Website
"Going Wherever Time and Writing Takes Me"



November 25, 2014
 "Interview with author, Chris Jane"

November 17, 2014
How Television Influenced "The Thursday Appointments of Bill Sloan"

November 16, 2014
"Video Clips from Sunday Salon, Jimmys #43" 

October 6, 2014
"Video from The Interobang Appointment of Timothy Gager, Seattle, Wa."

October 2, 2014
"Interview with journalist, Ognian Georgiev"

September 22, 2014, Mass Poetry Website"Going Wherever Time and Writing TakeSeptember 10, 2014
"Interview with Scott Fynboe, Sundress Academy of the Arts"

June 8, 2014
 "Pod Cast from Eastern Lit House Reading"

May 3, 2014, Mass Poetry Website 
"Riding with Kim Addonizio, discussing poetry in a crappy car"

 April 2, 2014
 "Shelved interview by Name Redacted"


 September-October, 2014
"Go Fund Me, Tour Fund Raiser, half going to charity"

March 23,, 2014"My March Madness Contest for your copy of The Shutting Door"
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