Monday, July 14, 2014

Trying not to be a hypocrite in the asking for money world.

"Just people begging for money"

"If you can't afford to do something than don't do it."

"Modern Socialism"

"They appear to be doing ok. Give to those who really are less fortunate."

"There are so many stupid projects out there, I don't want to be the stupid one funding them."

You've heard all these and heard many of these from me. I've be vocal against kickstarter and other such places because I'm just plan tired of people asking for money. When "The Thursday Appointments of Bill Sloan" was announced I decided to go West to California all the way up to Washington State because I've never read on that coast. My friends out there have been asking for a long time for me to do so. So I've booked a cheap flight, rented a car, made plans to surf sofas and it all seems to have worked out--except now I'm having doubts.

 HERE is my gofundme for West Coast and Charity Tour. (click this link) Yes, I'm giving half of it away because it makes me feel like I'm no hypocrite. 

Here's some nuts and bolts.


Flight Boston to San Diego, Round trip ($350)
3 day rental car ($106 mileage $100)

Flight San Diego to Seattle One way ($73)

Drive Seattle to Portland    FREE
Flight Portland to San Francisco One Way ($69)

Flight San Francisco to Los Angeles One Way ($71)

Flight Los Angeles to San Diego, One Way one day rental car ($156 and $82)

Shipping of Books to various locations ($35)

Meals on the road, 9 days--on the cheap $25 a day $225. Normal $450--so lets so ($337.50)

Total of Flights and Rental Cars: $1,329.50


My goal is $1200 donated of which half I will write a check to a random donor's charity. This is how I can live with asking for money. Money will be used for gas, tolls, maybe a hotel when I'm exhausted.  Even when asking, there will be certain levels--for example

The $26 level gives you a $16 dollar book. My net is ten and of which I give half to a charity. My take is $5.
The $100 level  Get a signed copy of the novel and four other of my books, a personal CD reading from the novel and a tour of Boston if you ever visit here. The net is $20, I give half to a charity, my take is $10. The tour of Boston=Priceless

Anything less than $26, I net all (50-50 with charity). I'm not looking to pay for this trip through anyone, but any small amount I net would be a bonus, a little help and/or a Supersized meal vs. a Regular. What it most likely do is allow me to stay somewhere to sleep, or pay for part of a flight)

I have 3539 friends on Facebook. The minimum on Gofundme is $5. If only 200 of the 3539 did this, I'd be set for my goal. If everyone threw me fifty cents outside of the site, that would work too.

That's the deal--so share, donate or bitch about it, which is fine because I've done that myself. If you just want to buy The Thursday Appointments of Bill Sloan when it comes out, that's great!
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