Sunday, May 11, 2014

Two Flash Pieces in The Legendary (Down Dirty Word)-and my process of both

They like me. I like them. Today there are two flash fictions up. You CAN READ THEM HERE. When they get archived they will be HERE, with the rest of my work published by The Legendary. Again thanks to Katie Moore.

Now the stories behind the stories of each piece.

 "All About Zebras in the Wild"- Instinctual facts and slang about the word and the animal. Superimposed throughout the story which is the story of a relationship that is sputtering. I was the method I used in Everyday There is So Much About Elephants.

"What Are The Reasons They Hang On" -This is another piece written around the same time as "Zebras". The tone is different, the story similar. It's also one of those flash stories that the opening line jumped into my head and I decided to work with it as a prompt. I liked the off-rhyme the words "awful" and "waffle"

Also in the issue

May, 2014. Issue 43.

May, 2014. Issue 43.

May, 2014. Issue 43.
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