Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Two new published pieces. "Meeting With Father Vincent" in Extract(s) and "Sissy Spacek" in Bartleby Snopes

This video is not my poem but I'd love people to notice the line break after "come". I'm very grateful to have the poem, "Meeting With Father" up at Extract(s) today, thanks to Christopher Anderson and Jenn Monroe. The poem is about God, death, natural disasters and what you can believe in.

Also, a thanks to Nate Tower that "Sissy Spacek" was published in Bartleby Snopes today. It was written the night after watching a terrible movie "The Radical" or was it "Katherine" at 3 AM. starring Sissy Spacek Art Carney (Norton) and Henry Winkler (Fonzie). Even the filmmakers knew that it was bad enough to change the original name in order to hide the evidence when it is time to re-sell it.

Just like the movie maker, I wasn't sold on my story's original title, not because the story was bad, as I really like it but because I just didn't like what I had called it. When I read it at the Dire Literary Series, I conveyed that to the audience and someone threw out the title, "Sissy Spacek". It stuck

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