Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Way Back Machine travels to 2009 and A Mid-Life Diner

Way back before I had a blog there was still published work. I've not submitted as much as in the past, so the blog has been a little quiet this month.

 Crossing Rivers into Twilight
Crit Journal (which stands for Crossing Rivers Into Twilight) had it's final issue in 2009 but before they left us, they published Mid-Life Diner, a poem which will appear in Anti-Social Network. You can read it HERE

Also appearing in that same issue whom I'm aware of are Debrah Morkun, Christopher Barnes and Jess Del Bazzo:


Invocation - Debrah Morkun

Poem-By-Numbers - David Kowalczyk

The Screenager And The Groover - Christopher Barnes

The Light after the Storm - John Grey

Bless our crooked little hearts - Jess Del Balzo

Mid-Life Diner - Timothy Gager

Playing Second Fiddle, Says The Hammock... - Maurice Oliver

Short Stories:

The Mailman - V. Ulea

Doubts - Kate Grasso

A Hasty Conversion - Caroline Wilkinson

Portbou - Polly Tuckett

Visual Art:

Two Paintings - Jim Fuess

Four Photographs from the Mystique Cycle - V. Ulea
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