Friday, September 28, 2012

New Lummox Journal available--235 pages and my poem "Walking Out of the Woods".

Lummox, aptly described by Todd Moore, is back and I have a poem included.

“[the] Lummox, in my opinion, was one of maybe the best half dozen poetry mags in the country.  I wd rather read Lummox than any of the so-called high class high art poetry mags going.  It's got more life and more guts than any mag I know.”  - Todd Moore  


In the first issue of LUMMOX:
Essays & reviews by Jack Foley, Roger Taus, Steve Goldman, Michael C. Ford, Gary Brower, Jared Smith, Mike Adams, Tony Moffeit, Joe Shermis, Simon Perchik & Rd Armstrong.

Guest Editors: Jane Lipman (Santa Fe, NM), Georgia Santa Maria (Albuquerque, NM), Gary Brower (10 Spanish poets), Doug Holder (Boston, MA), Michael Adams (Colorado), Ryan Guth (Mid-South), Edward Nudelman (& Friends), Jane Crown (International), Biola Olatunde (Nigeria), Don Kingfisher Campbell (San Gabriel Valley, CA), Marie Lecrivain (W. Los Angeles, CA), and James Palacio (OC, CA).

Special Sections on Kell Robertson by Tony Moffeit, Leonard J. Cirino by Joe Shermis & Jane Crown, Goodbye to Scott Wannberg, Gene Bloom & Billy Jones by Raindog, John Macker by Mike Adams, Tim Peeler by Carter Monroe.

ART by: Norman Olsen, Bob Branaman, Jim McGrath, RD Armstrong & Claudio Parentela.

And the work of:
John Abbot, RD Armstrong, Jody Balian, Matt Galleta, Adrian Manning, Alan Catlin, Andrew Turner, Angel Perales, Angela Manckiewicz, Anne MacNaughton, Ariana Den Bleyker, Aron Poller, Ellarain Lockie, Bill Jones, Brent Leake, Bill Gainer, Biola Olatunde Group, Bren Petracos, Lynn Bronstein, Gary Brower, Carl M. Daniels, Catherine Dain, Changming Yuan, Dan Fante, Charolette McDonald, D.A. Pratt, Don Campbell Group, Doug Draime, Ed Jamieson, JR,  Christine De Simone, DB Cox, Doug Holder Group: Dan Sklar, Zvi A. Sesling, Timothy Gager,  Deborah Finkelstein , Robert K. Johnson, Harris Gardiner, Gloria Mindock, Dennis Daly, Sam Cornish; Ed Nudelman Group: Aaron Belz, April Ossman,Patricia Fargnoli, Grace Cavalieri, Sam Rasnake, Pris Campbell, Tara Birch; Wanda Clevenger, Evan Myquest, Glenn Cooper, Michael C. Ford, Jeff Parks, Lance Nizami, Linda Lerner, Father Luke, Mark Andrews,  Murray Thomas, Mike Grover, Steve Klepetar, Ryan Guth Group, Charles Harper Webb, John Macker, Frances LeMoine, Frank Kearns,  Frank Reardon, Gary Jacobelly, Tim Peeler, Mike Meloan, Jane Lippman Group: Gary Moody, Janet Eigner, Joan Logghe, Judith Toler, Mary McGinnis, Blair Cooper, Elizabeth Raby, James McGrath, Yves C. Lucero, Catherine Ferguson; Jayne Stahl, John Yamrus, Tony Moffeit, Krikor n. Der Hohannesian, Kyle Laws, Larry Rogers, Marie Lecrivain, Luis Campos, Lyn Lifshin, Micheal Spring, Mather Schneider, Mike Adams Group: James Taylor III, Jared Smith, Jerry Smaldone, Karen Douglass, Phil Woods, Captain Barefoot; Mike Grover, Nancy Shifrin, AD Winans, Marc Olmsted, Lynn Hayes, Rick Smith, Roseanna Frechette, Sheryl L. Nelms,  H.L. Thomas, Guy R. Beining, RL Raymond, Ron Koertge, Sean Dougherty, Simon Perchik, Judith Skillman, Suzanne Lummis, Terry Sanville, John Swain, Larry Gladeview, Tim Tipton, M. Mitchell, Adam Walsh, Wanda Clevenger, William Doreski, Will Taylor, Winnie Star, Wolf Carstens, Jay Passer, Lorine Parks, Karl Koweski, Ellen Wade Beals, Ned Randle, Joan Thornton, Todd Jackson, M. Mitchell, Walter Ruhlmann, Zack Lopiccolo and counting.

If you are interested in purchasing the issue, click HERE

Lummox is a cool word. Note how it's used in such high-brow shows as Family Guy

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