Saturday, March 12, 2011

These two great anthologies are now available.

I have one story in RE: Telling, where I re-tell "T
he Three Little Pigs". My title for that is "Not the Stuff Of Fairy Tales".

Curbside Splendor was nice enough to feature me on the cover and publish five poems on the inside. They are: "Like the moths in the Night", "I take my date and her Kid to the Zoo", "A Circus Memory", "All That We Ate" and "A Fifth of Scotch".

Both of these books can be found at Barnes and Noble and Amazon doing a simple search but better yet, they both may purchased by special order at your favorite bookstore or on-line at the publisher's sites.

Everything of mine available at one time in print can be found HERE. I love that page of my website but I hate working the HTML on it--line by line of stolen code eventually malfunctions and needs constant love.

List of contributors and to purchase     
HERE       and         HERE     or        HERE       and         HERE

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