Wednesday, December 27, 2023

2023, My Year in Publishing


Best Of Timothy Gager, Edited by Robin Stratton,, February, 2023, Big Table Publishing


"Fairytale of Dysfunction", November 25, 2023 Alien Buddha #57
"Wedding Guest"

"Labor Day at the Border CafĂ© ", October 12, 2023 10 BY 10, Issue 12

"Dig 'Em", June 6, 2023 10 BY 10, One Year Anniversary Issue

"Arpeggio", March 15, 2023 Molecule Vol. 8

"The Tinkerer", January 1, 2023 Blue Lake Review


"Into The Silent Sea"
October 13, 2023 Live Nude Poems

"Recipe Stupid Men Cook To Capture Women"
August 17, 2023 Ibettson Street #53

"Dog Years"
May 31, 2023 Somerville Times: Lyrical Somerville


I'm often asked to appear on podcasts, covering either recovery, writing, and this year a NDE podcast. Depending on the degree of caffeine, or mood, or ADD they can often spin off course---and Thank, God, for that. In 2023, The Oddball Foundation didn't run one of my appearances because I was too "off the cuff" about some of the work that appeared in their last issue. Just a guess though, it may have been because we talked on top and over each other. Sorry, my bad.

Often podcasts can be boring as eavesdropping on a boring conversation. I was lucky these were not. So...below are all of them from 2023, most are on Apple and Spotify besides the YouTube links, and because I cannot stop talking about what I talk about, a little review of each

1) Second Appearance on The Art of Being Dar  (click to watch/listen) 

Political, Funny (I think so), Chaotic, Writing, Recovery This one is pretty unabridged, and as Dar Dixon (amazing actor, look him up, guaranteed you've seen him before) puts it I was shot out of a cannon. Then there was technical difficulties and I came to earth, but Dar and I are always high energy and stream of consciousness is always in play.

2) Billy Dees Podcast: Perfect Media Productions (click to watch/ listen)

Writing, Recovery This one is a serious interview, but Billy Dees pre-interview is normal conversation, but when the podcast begins his voice becomes MR. RADIO. Ask me to do an impersonation (funny, I think so) please.

3) This Podcast will change your Life with Ben Tanzer (click to listen)

Writing, Recovery, Life, Funny (I think so) Another serious one, but Ben and I talk for over an hour, some of it about a reading we did together in Providence at a bar where they kicked us out to the patio.

4) W.W.A.A. podcast with Kristy Mickelsen (click to listen)

Mental Health, Writing, Recovery, Autism, Funny (I think so) Kristy is a good interviewing and I enjoyed talking about how Joe the Salamander, my novel with a ASD protagonist got off the ground.

5) Anna David's Podcast, On Good Authority (click to listen) 

Writing Groups, Love Fest How do you not love Anna David. Look her up too because she made a career in writing and publishing writers. Sound like nothing? Try it.

6) Externally Amy (click to listen)

Connection through recovery and writing Q-What has 8 kids and a podcast? A-Amy Harrison. We talk about connections and she is an expert at connecting with her guests.

7) Be the Light of Your Own Healing with Tricia Barker (click to watch/listen)

Near Death Experience I saw Tricia on TV talking about hers, and did a little research. She wrote a book, I had her on my series, and she returned the favor. Either way, I'm not too comfortable talking about my own NDE, because it can be viewed as Whack-A-Mole-Crazy, but whatever, I let it fly!

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