Friday, November 10, 2023

Guest Appearances In Other Words video podcast

In Other Words, a show hosted by James Bryant and Lee Eric Freedman, is a podcast where writers talk about their lives outside of writing.  

I appeared with them in October and spoke about 

00:00 Opening 02:56 Feeding feral cats, 09:07 Nearly failing out of college 13:11 Fun Size Candy vs. Minis 17:12 Having a Near Death Experience 25:00 Being the "go to" guy for useless information in conversation 27:50 Auditioning for Jeopardy and "Stump the Blob" Games Shows on the same day 31:20 Being a Strat-0-Matic Geek 36:00 Electric Football Game was the most disappointing game of my childhood 38:56 Segment: Would You Rather have the olfactory senses of a dog or see more colors in the electromagnetic spectrum like a mantis shrimp?

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