Tuesday, June 6, 2023

10 BY 10, Ten Flash Fictions by Ten Writers publishes my piece, "Dig 'Em" in their Anniversary Issue

   A year ago, Zvi Sesling selected ten of his favorite flash fiction authors to be a part of his new magazine 10 BY 10. One year later the same group (minus 1.....let's see 10 X 10 -1 = 99. Math.). What I mean is 9 of the original ten are back for the anniversary, and that couldn't be more cool. 

* * *


Now the story behind the story, Dig 'Em

     In a time without streaming services there was nothing more exciting than Saturday morning cartoons. They would start early in the morning, and run until about 1 PM when Shazam! would be scheduled. It was the closest to binge watching there was back then.  With that demographic you can imagine the commercials, which were for sugary cereals, one of them being Sugar Smacks (same as Honey Smacks). 

     When I heard Larry Moran died, I got a little obsessed about the voice actor who lent himself to Dig 'Em the frog, a  mascot who was the main box character and cereal TV commercial star. Actually there were five actors who shared Dig 'Em throughout history, but it was in 2017 when Larry Moran passed, and that's where my thought process began. 

The story features Todd, who also had Dig 'Em etched into his memory. 

                                       YOU CAN READ THE STORY HERE

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